Transitional Work Program

Captain Milfred Zeringue, Commander
Lieutenant Michael LeClair, Deputy Commander

The LPSO Transitional Work Program is nationally accedited through the American Corrections Association. It exists through an agreement with the Louisiana Department of Corrections (DOC) and offers soon-to-be-released inmates the opportunity to earn wages so as to assist in the transition to life outside of prison. A job affords the inmate an opportunity to learn a skill helping him to prepare to re-enter society. GED preparation and testing are also offered to those in the program, as well as classes in offshore safety, alcohol/drug rehabilitation programs, and bible study by various religious groups. Assignment to a program is a privilege, granted only after a careful screening process by the State of Louisiana. All inmates are aware that rules must be followed, and intentional abuse will lead to re-incarceration and additional jail time in most cases. LPSO Transitional Work Program inmate workers prepare meals for the Meals on Wheels program as well as other inmates and staff.

The Transitional Work Program is located at 1156 U.S. Highway 90 East in Raceland, Louisiana. Email or call (985) 537-9650.

How to Enter a Transitional Work Program
The DOC conducts interviews of all DOC inmates statewide who are eligible for such a program. Eligible inmates are then screened to ensure they meet all the requiements before a final decision is made. Additionally, wardens of local jails can recommend DOC inmates for screening if they are are eligible for the program.
Eligibility Requirements
Candidates must meet stringent guidelines for consideration in the program. Essentially, a candidate must be a model prisoner. DOC determines eligibility. Some considerations include time of conviction, length of sentence, and conduct at current facility.

Types of Jobs
The program offers various jobs at shipyards and offshore, as well as sanitation work, just to name a few examples. If the inmate has a specific skill, he will be placed at a job site which has openings in that skill area (when possible).
Visitation & Items Brought to Inmates
Visitation occurs twice monthly on Sundays from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. as per a schedule outline outlined for each specificied dormitory. The inmate must request in writing for approval of any items he requests to be brought to him while in the program. Only the listed approved items will be allowed into the facility. Examples are be clothing, shoes, hygiene items, etc.