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Four Teens Charged with Damaging Vehicles in Lafourche Crossing Incident

11/12/2013 by Brennan Matherne

Lafourche Parish Sheriff Craig Webre announced four teenage boys have been charged after confessing to throwing rocks from a railroad bridge Saturday night in which several vehicles were damaged.

Through investigation, detectives learned five males, ages 14 and 15 years old, were at the Lafourche Crossing bridge crossing over LA Highway 1 on Saturday, November 2, and four of the teenagers threw rocks at approximately 50 vehicles, striking approximately 20-30 of them. One victim was taken to the hospital due to a window shattering and possibly having glass in his eye.

Detectives say six victims have come forward thus far to file complaints, and they are encouraging any additional victims to contact the Criminal Investigations Division at (985) 532-4320. The estimate of the damage to the six vehicles is approximately $10,000.

The four juveniles were each charged with several counts of Simple Criminal Damage to Property and additional charges are possible. Each was released to the custody of their respective parents.

A similar incident occurred in June 2007 when several vehicles, including Sheriff Webre’s car, were damaged by paint ball pellets and rocks thrown from the Lafourche Crossing train trestle bridge over LA Highway 308. Sheriff Webre’s windshield shattered during the incident, and two other vehicles had been damaged. Sheriff Webre was able to take one of the suspects into custody at the scene, and two other suspects were later arrested. A total of four teenagers were charged for their roles in that incident.

“When you are driving at night and suddenly you hear objects striking your vehicle and then your windshield shatters… it would be a terrifying experience for any driver,” said Sheriff Webre. “I want to let the youth of this parish know this is not ‘fun’ or ‘cool.’ Intentionally damaging others’ property is a serious crime. Aside from damaging vehicles, these actions could have unintended consequences such as a wreck or even a fatality. You should always try to discourage friends from participating in any such actions, and if that doesn’t work, please contact the Sheriff’s Office. You will be keeping your friends out of serious trouble and possibly saving someone’s life.”