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Thibodaux Man Charged with 25 Burglaries and Thefts in 30 Days

12/23/2013 by Brennan Matherne

Lafourche Parish Sheriff Craig Webre announced the arrest of a Thibodaux man involved in over 25 burglaries and thefts which occurred from November 21 through December 20, 2013. Keith Williams (B/M, D.O.B. 12/25/91) of 105 Anthony Drive was arrested on Friday following his latest round of thefts and burglaries and is in jail on a total of 29 counts of various charges related to the crimes.
On December 20, detectives were called to Midway Street in Thibodaux in reference to several vehicle burglaries which had occurred in the area. During the investigation, detectives, assisted by detectives with Thibodaux Police Department, learned there had been reports of a male subject, identified as Keith Williams, who had been knocking on doors of residences on Emerald Park Drive around 3:30 a.m. that morning due to his vehicle being stuck in a sugar cane field behind Midway Subdivision. Detectives then located the vehicle still in the cane field with Williams sitting inside. Detectives questioned Williams about the incident and Williams admitting to driving in the neighborhood without headlights, but would not explain his reason for doing so. Detectives then detained Williams to question him about the burglaries, and discovered an MP3 player in his possession which he could not say where he obtained it. Later, while questioning one of the burglary victims, detectives discovered the MP3 player to be one of the items which had been stolen. Williams was then brought in for further questioning.
During questioning, Williams admitting to twelve vehicle burglaries in the Midway Subdivision on Friday night and also admitted to committing several other burglaries and thefts in the past two months, including nine vehicle burglaries and two thefts in the Bayou Country Club Subdivision in Thibodaux during the early morning hours of Wednesday, December 11. Williams also admitted to other vehicle burglaries which occurred in November in the Highland Lakes and Waverly Oaks Subdivision, as well as a theft in Waverly Oaks. Through further investigation, detectives learned three (3) semi-automatic handguns, a shotgun, several personal electronic devices, cash and other items had been taken during these thefts and burglaries. Williams faced additional charges due to firearms being stolen during the crimes.
In all, Williams was charged with 22 counts of Simple Burglary of a Vehicle, three (3) counts of Theft, and four (4) counts of Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon. He was transported and booked into the Lafourche Parish Detention Center where he is currently being held in lieu of $45,000 bond as set by Judge F. Hugh Larose. He is also being held for Louisiana Probation and Parole.