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Warrant Amnesty Period Set for the Month of June in Lafourche Parish

5/22/2014 by Brennan Matherne

The Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office, in partnership with the Lafourche Parish District Attorney’s Office and the State of Louisiana 17th Judicial District Court, has announced a warrant amnesty period during the month of June. Beginning Monday, June 2, individuals with qualifying outstanding warrants will be able to pay the fines, fees and costs associated with the warrants to avoid arrest. The bench warrant fee of $150 will be waived for those paying during the amnesty period.
The Lafourche Parish Warrant Amnesty Settlement Period, or “WASP,” allows the parish criminal justice system to resolve warrants proactively while affording citizens the opportunity to make payments and avoid arrest. Most misdemeanor warrants will be eligible and may be satisfied by paying fines, fees and costs associated with the warrant. A list of all individuals with outstanding warrants which qualify for the amnesty period will be posted on the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office website on June 1.
There are approximately 10,000 warrants listed as eligible during the amnesty period. Sheriff Craig Webre says everyone should take time to look at the list of those with active warrants. “Many people may discover a name of a friend or family member, or even their own name,” said Sheriff Webre. “The list itself is not designed to humiliate or embarrass anyone. On the contrary, we are trying to help those who might not even realize they have an outstanding warrant. This will afford them the opportunity to take care of the warrant at a reduced cost and avoid the potential embarrassment of arrest when they are not expecting it.”
Beginning Monday, June 2, the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office will extend office hours at several locations so that citizens can make payments around their personal schedules. Some offices will even be open 24 hours per day and on weekends to accommodate everyone. A full schedule of office hours and locations will be announced prior to the start of the amnesty period.
On July 1, 2014, Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies will begin proactively seeking those with outstanding warrants who have not taken advantage of the amnesty period. “We are giving everyone four weeks to take advantage of the amnesty period. Beginning on July 1, those did not avail themselves during that period will feel the sting of the WASP,” said Sheriff Webre. 
District Attorney Camille A. Morvant, II, said, “This is a unique opportunity for those citizens that have warrants to clear their names. We are hoping that people will take advantage of the opportunity.” 
Citizens should be aware that this amnesty period affects only those warrants issued by the 17th Judicial District Court, and does not apply to warrants issued by municipal courts. More details on the Warrant Amnesty Settlement Program can be found on the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office website at You can also access the “WASP” page directly at