Personnel & Social Services Division

Captain Karla Beck, Commander 

The Employment and Benefits Section is responsible for recruiting, testing and hiring the best qualified applicants for entry-level positions. It is this section's obligation to develop and administer effective compensation systems in conformance with sound human resource practices and applicable federal and state laws in a manner that is understandable to Sheriff's Office administrators and employees. Email or call (985) 532-4380.

The Police Social Services Section is also included in the Personnel & Social Services Division. Please visit their Section Page for more information.

The Fleet Management Section maintains the massive fleet of vehicles owned and operated by the Sheriff's Office and its employees. This section employs inmate labor to assist mechanics in performing routine maintenance such as oil changes and alignments, as well as engine repairs and maintenance. Email or call (985) 532-4344.

The Fleet Auto Body Services Section is responsible for collision repairs and body maintenance of the fleet. Everything from broken door handles to damages from major collision are repaired by this section. The body shop also fabricates and installs the decals for the entire fleet.

The Property Control & Details Section keeps records and accounts for all agency property such as radios, cameras and other equipment issued to deputies. This section also handles the shredding of old records which have surpassed their retention time per state law. Booking and assigning of security details is also handled in this section. Email or call (985) 632-5842.

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